Firmware für Egreat A10

Egreat A10 EN Firmware V1.2.3.0 Release


I. info


Size: 633,062,070 bytes

Revised time: Jul 19, 2017, 19:56:53


DownloadLink: A10BD_EN_Firmware_20170719_v1.2.3.0.rar mirror: A10BD_EN_Firmware_20170719_v1.2.3.0


II.Firmware upgrade instruction


This version firmware has three ways to update, user data won’t be wiped.


1. OTA Update Setting--About--OTA Update

2. USB Update, please click here.

3. Forced refresh/recovery system, please click here.


III.Changelog + 2.1.19


Player: Exclusive support 4KUHD blu-ray full menu

Player: Added online subtitle function

Player: Added multichannel LPCM audiotrack RAW passthrough

Player: Optimized of open source slow response problems

Player: Subtitles time offset deviation set to +-200 seconds

Player: Always display 3D options when playing

Player: Fixed the audio stream displayed as 0Kbps

Player: Fixed the color space will change the problem

Player: Fixed the LPCM audio track caton problems on full menu mode playback

Player: Repair LPCM 5.1 may issue of noise

Player: Fixed the problem that online app could not play after playing HDR video

UI: Volume adjustment level added to 100

UI: Added homepage shortcut bar can be customized function

UI: Added six background pictures

UI: Added custom background picture function

UI: Added the first screen is still for 30 seconds to automatically reduce brightness

UI: LED display indicates the new marquee screen save

UI: Optimized screen saver(now completely shut down video output)

UI: Added new way to add shared paths in all files

Setting: Add more preferred track subtitle language

Settings: Added TRANSMISSION function switch in the general menu

Settings: Optimized "UHD" will be changed to "4K UHD" in the resolution menu

Settings: Added acceptable beta version update function

Posterwall: New version Posterwall 2.0 updated added a lot of new features

Posterwall: Added cross storage library function

Posterwall: Added library path custom name

Posterwall: Added favorite function

Posterwall: Added Collection and Series classification

Posterwall: Added direct delete file function in the poster wall

Posterwall: Added film suit editing function

Posterwall: The poster wall and File Browser Integration

Posterwall: Support subfolders to join the library

Poster-wall: Optimized filename display

Poster-wall: Fixed the wrong episodes of an unknown series

System: Built-in transmission download tools

System: Built-in applications now allowed to uninstall

System: Eliminate redundant built-in applications

System: Fixed some machines that do not enter standby problems after power on

System: Fixed will automatically switch off after the problem

System: Fixed the problem that the third-party app display some Chinese

System: optimize multiple system parameters

System: Fixed the problem that the player assistant is Chinese


A10 Firmware V1.1.2.0

April 1, 2017Stable

Download link: A10BD_EN_Firmware_20170401_v1.1.2.0.rar

MD5: D403870777635E6EEC77B1B1841B990C

Change log:

01.Player : Added auto playback function when power on

02.Player : Added color primaries show in the information window

03.Player : Added DTS compatibility options, support more DTS track

04.Player : Added subtitle and OSD 3D depth adjustment

05.Player : Added support DivX 5 format playback

06.Player : Added support MVC 3D MKV format playback

07.Player : Added support SUP external subtitles

08.Player : Improved the 'volume setting is prohibited in passthrough mode' tips display location

09.Player : Optimized Blu-ray menu compatibility

10.Player : Optimized playback fluency when no open frame rate switching

11.Player : Optimized network playback buffering

12.Player : Fixed the problem of autoplay function

13.Player : Fixed the problem play may appear slight problems Caton

14.Player : Fixed the problem that the player did not turn off the 3D after playing the game

15.Player : Fixed the problem that the text does not show in the Blu-ray menu

16.Player : Fixed the problem where the True-HD 7.1 track may be incorrectly identified as 5.1

17.Player : Fixed the problem of some DTS-HD audio slowplay unsmooth

18.Player : Fixed the problem of Some format video and audio out of sync

19.Player : Modify app name to EgreatPlayer

20.Poster-wall : New poster analysis engine

21.Poster-wall : Turn on the file mode to play the film display the details of the function

22.Poster-wall : Add DVD icon

23.Poster-wall : Added folder containing .nomedia files automatically filter function

24.Poster-wall : Added stacked ISO episodes to play in Blu-ray menu mode

25.Poster-wall : Added the format table in the movie details page

26.Poster-wall : Optimize the "Edit" function does not need to wait until the search can be completed

27.Poster-wall : Improved poster wall load speed and improve the recognition rate

28.Poster-wall : Improved text selected state display

29.Poster-wall : Fixed the problem of Chinese movie name in edit window

30.Poster-wall : Fixed the problem of stacking different video errors together

31.Poster-wall : Fixed the problems poster sorting problem

32.VidonXBMC : Can now be set to boot

33.VidonXBMC : Fixed the problem of flip eyes 3D

34.Settings : Added Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italy and other languages

35.Settings : Optimized 2160P will be changed to UHD in the resolution menu

36.Settings : Optimized resolution selection list from low to high order

37.Settings : Fixed the problem that Wi-Fi could not connect hidded not spots

38.Settings : Cancel Dolby Vision options

39.System : Add no U flash disk press RST key to restore the system

40.System : Added flashing power led when updating firmware

41.System : Fixed interfering and block ARC function

42.System : Greatly enhance the network access speed

43.System : Support MAC OS and Linux system copy large files(more then 1GB) to the machine's shared folder

44.System : Fixed some OSD language translation

45.System : Fixed the problem of Bluetooth device audio caton

46.System : Fixed the problem of can not get the system time

47.System : Fixed the problem of missing toolbar shortcut after upgrade

48.System : Fixed the problem that the output resolution may change after reboot

49.System : When adding network share address does not allow non-standard IP address

50.Intelligent control : the new broadcast function when playing/pause state

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